Walter Timm Resume, Jacksonville, NC
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Senior Tax Advisor 1
Office Manager

Phone: 910-219-1441
Fax: 910-219-1439

Professional Experience: 20 years Education Admin experience and 14 years Human Resources experience
Educational Experience: PHD NC State University
Areas of Expertise: Investments/Stock Options (income, sales, losses) Home ownership, purchase, or sale
Real estate rentals or vacation homes Healthcare expenses (e.g., medical, dental) Charitable giving ITIN
(Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) application Income earned outside the U.S. Retirement income
Income from multiple States Military Small Business, Sole Proprietor, or Self-employed
Help with IRS or State notices / audits Tax Planning
Hometown: South Amboy
Hobbies: Fishing, Reading, the Beach

Why I Prepare Tax Returns: It is very gratifying to assist our young military personnel in receiving
the largest refund or lowest tax liability allowed. I enjoy explaining the tax return
to my clients so they better understand their taxes. 

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