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11-08-07 Back to work and to CA. then back to Ohio for 5 deliveries. Then to St. Louis
and then to Miami, FL Then back to St Louis, Mo.  Then off to Casa Grande, AZ and
then to Stockton, CA and end up in Portland , OR. Then back to Napa, ID and on
to Lebanon, TN. Back to Troy MO and then to Oklahoma City, BACK to Troy
and then back to Ca, LA, Stockton and then Sparks NV , Back to Sanoma,
Ca and then into Indianapolis, In. The last two weeks have been some of the most
difficult in my years of drivng truck. See the SNOW and ACCIDENTS . Back to
Troy, Mo and then off to Atlanta Ga and SC then NC and HOME. Some 23,400+
miles. The houseboat is a calling (:-)

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