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These pages cover many years and brought back many memories while compiling it. James D Taylor and his grandson Jerry. My brother Bill and I getting caught eating Grandma's fresh bread; Third from the right and smiling large over the Japanese Little Leauge Senators; Graduating from Terra Alta WV High School and the good people the Bailies who gave me room and board to go to college; Driving a bus in Morgantown, WV; Playing my favorite game, getting married to Elaine Warren, August 3,1968 and getting accepted as a Greyhound Bus driver; and the good people I drove to Northern Canada on a charter in the picture below.

Fishigfl.gif (23562 bytes) Catching a boat load of fish in Fort Lauderdale, Fla; lobster fishing 100 miles off the coast of North Carolina;

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          fnga.gif (25047 bytes) and recieving the most unique landscape design by the Fla. Nurserymen and Growers Assoc.FNGA  1975 

.and running the FIT Florida Institute of Technology Botanical Gardens in Melbourne, FL 1978 

 Below "Grounds Maintaince Crew" 1979
Marco Beach Hotel marco.gif (24596 bytes)-
Joyce and our home on
Marco Island, Fla
. After leaving Marco Island
I went to Hawia and when I came back
I devorced Joyce.

  and met Valarie and
married her outside Grottoes, Va

where I became the Towns' FIRST  Town Superintendent.
1982 - 1987

Founding the Virginia Rural Water Assoc.
VRWA and receiving recognication
for our Newsletter Stream Line. We
provided technical assistence to
water systems serving under 10,000
population and were considered rural.


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--Stream Line--

1987 - 1992

 After  leaving the VRWA I had some of the most poductive years working with Town manager,
Bob Holton and the Town of Bridgewater. 1992 - 1996

Not only did the new Par 3 Golf Course become a Bridgewater attraction but also a soccer field that was designed and built as also a detenion pond relieving residence from flooding in lower areas were major landscpe projects I enjoyed as Director of Public Works.

Moving to Bayboro, NC and starting an Internet provider through
Satilite connection and Starting 1 World Access which still operates today.

Worked with Internet Advertising International Inc.,Clearwater Beach, Florida. until Towers fell in 2001

Got my CDL and started driving over the road. 2003 
I worked for Stevens Transport, Wittie Brothers, and Martins Transport before I retired at 62. 2009


Bought a 35' Houseboat and ran charters out of Swansboro, NC which I sold in 2012 and moved to Avon Park, FL 2013


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